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Safety Ring Lock® System

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There are 3 basic components to the Ring Lock® System. They are a Short Stack, a Forever Ring™, and a Level Lock™ Insert. Each component is made from a unique proprietary blend of certified pure materials in combination with a key processing step added to the normal manufacturing process to produce clear, quality components that are designed to not yellow, crack, split, or break over long periods of time.


The clear Forever Ring™ can be used universally; it replaces the need for assorted colors and is strong enough to replace brass rings. The Forever Ring™ is designed to be long lasting under normal conditions.

The Short Stack is used with both the Forever Ring™ and the Level Lock Insert. When the Short Stack is used with the Forever Ring™ it becomes a Ring Lock™. The Ring Lock™ is designed to replace shrouded cords and ladder tape cords and to eliminate the lift cords’ ability to form hazardous loops on fabric shades and woven woods by preventing the cord from being pulled out. Ring Locks™ enhance the beauty and folding of a roman shade and woven woods as they lock in perfect spacing and flat, waterfall folds with every lift.

When the Short Stack is used with the Level Lock Insert it becomes a Level Lock™.  The Level Lock™ is designed to lock the shade into place once adjusted to the correct level.  It’s easily adjustable and locks tight enough to hold up to 10 pounds per cord column. The strength hold of the Level Lock™ helps the shade stay level even under great pressure.  Because it locks in, adjusting the level is as easy as unlocking the Level Lock™, readjusting then re-locking.  And, the Level Lock™ essentially disappears into the back of the shade!

The Safety Ring Lock™ System saves time on installation and money on material costs as it creates a child safe shade all along preserving the beauty of the design and waterfall folds for the life of the shade.