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Rollease Acmeda innovates, designs and manufactures window covering hardware, automated shades and machinery for use in both commercial and residential applications.

Established in 1980, Rollease Acmeda has consistently been on the cutting edge of design, development and distribution within the industry.  Due to our many years of experience and knowledge we are able to deliver a wider range of product options, modern technologies and a high-level of service to our customers. Rollease Acmeda serves all segments of the domestic and international window covering industry including OEMs, fabricators, workrooms, commercial contractors, interior designers, architects, retailers, internet and mail order catalogs. 

The key to succeeding is precision. It signifies quality and market leading technology.

In 2014, the US based, RollEase, Inc., Acmeda Pty Ltd and Acmeda S.R.L. combined operations to form Rollease Acmeda Group - the largest independent engineered component manufacturer and distributor in the window covering industry. We now have a team of over 200 staff worldwide, spanning the USA, Australia and Europe, to serve several thousands of customers in over 40 countries around the world.

The magnitude of product offerings along with a strong emphasis on product development have been leveraged by our impressive engineering and R&D resources. This is achieved in part by our team of over 25 engineers working tirelessly on new technologies and products from our Innovation & Design Center. 

By continuing to reinvest in our company and the industry...we are able to give our customers products that they can use to grow their own marketplace.

Rollease Acmeda Inc., is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, USA with a state of the art distribution center in Conover, North Carolina and international distribution warehouses located worldwide. Our award-winning lift systems are used 3-to-1* over the competition and are considered the finest manually operated clutch lift systems available. Our proprietary and innovative manual clutch operating systems are designed for roller shades and roman shades.

Rollease Acmeda is able to offer a complete product offering from hardware to motorization and fabric with our Automate and Texstyle divisions.  We offer full solutions for all of your indoor and outdoor shading requirements. Rollease Acmeda also offers adapter components that allow major motorized systems to work with our roller shade brackets and extrusions.

At Rollease Acmeda, we are fully dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction.  We are sure that our customers will continue to enjoy the security of market leading products and a product development pipeline that ensures they will always be at the forefront of the window coverings industry.

We’re constantly updating, upgrading and bringing out new products. We’re passionate about developing market-leading technology that adds value for our customers, and in turn their customers.

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