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New Product Launch | ESU Skyline Pre-Tension Retaining Clip 38 (1.5")

1 Feb 2022


Description: ESU Skyline Pre-Tension Retaining Clip 38 (1.5")
Code: RB12-3812503038
Pack Size: 50|500 Each
Color/Finish: Orange (503)
Use With: Spring Controls (RB12-3240-xxx038 or RB12-3241-xxx038) and Compact Booster (RB12-3805-xxx038) 




• Slides onto the spring control AFTER pre-tensioning
• Aligns with slots in the spring control 
• Wraps around the outside of the spring control to hold it in place
• Part is compatible with 1.5" (38mm) ESU spring controls 



• Retains spring pre-tension for Easy Spring Ultra Skyline during transportation and installation
• Sustains shock/vibration during transit without coming loose
• Easily installed onto the ESU products during manufacturing
• Held securely in place until the product is installed and ready to use
• Easily removed by installer or end user without the use of a tool
• Orange color to help ensure product is noticed and removed prior to operation
• Shade is not operable until the pre-tensioning clip is removed
• Clip can be discarded or reused after removal 
• Clip has wording (This Side Toward Bracket) to assist in proper orientation
• Compatible in open roll, CF90, P95, Cassette 100, Cassette 120, and Fascia configurations




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