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Our patented, new Ultra-Lock boasts adaptive locking technology, which allows the shade position to be easily reset if simultaneous locking is interrupted by unexpected weather conditions or obstacles. A stronger heavy-duty latching pin combined with a hidden integrated design ensures a reliable solution, which can be pre-assembled off-site, for a quick & easy installation. Unlike any other solution, when paired with our updated FT motor, the patented technology of the Ultra-lock achieves automatic, one-action lock and tensioning.


Our Innovative & Design Centre is constantly working to update and improve our products, ensuring every Zipscreen is practical to fabricate, install and use. The recent updates introduce an upgraded F72 weight bar and weight bar accessories.

Ultra-lock Seal


The all new Ultra-lock Seal works with our F56 & F72 weight bars in conjunction with the Ultra-lock. Crafted from a thick, dimensionally stable rubber material, the new seal compresses and expands while maintaining its shape, offering a better bottom seal than ever before.

Download our New Product Leaflet for more information. 

Idler / Spring Adaptor Kit MKII

Our new Idler/Spring Adaptor Kit now features a retaining clip that firmly clicks into place, ensuring a rigid hold, safer installation and the introduction of a heavy-duty screw, for added security.

Download our New Product Leaflet for more information.

Ballast - Flat bar

The new flat ballast options enable up to four times more weight to be applied to Zipscreen weight bars, perfect for motorised solutions and large external shades.

Download our New Product Leaflet for more information. 

Two-Piece End Caps


The new two-piece end caps secure the lower corners of the fabric, improving the overall appearance of the shade screen and preventing unwanted movement of the weight bar.

Download our New Product Leaflet for more information. 

New F72 Weight Bar


Now compatible with the Ultra-Lock, the new F72 design allows for up to 3.2 kg/m of ballast to be added to the system, for enhanced performance.

Download our New Product Leaflet for more information. 


Fabric Spline

The Fabric Spline is the answer to any zip disengagement occurrences when the shade is fully raised. The new base material of the spline inhibits rippling at the bottom of the shade fabric. 

Download our New Product Leaflet for more information. 

Support Documentation

We have updated the below support documents to include charts for the new 78mm HD tube, 8:1 crank gear control, and optimised spring pre-turns including heavy duty dual springs.

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