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Workroom Board Mounted System

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The manually operated mechanism raises shades evenly, without piles of cords. With today's heavier shades, the 3-to-1 mechanical lifting advantage makes specifying the Rollease Acmeda Operating System even more important than ever. By simply pulling on either side of a control cord or bead chain, the operator can quickly and precisely position any shade that weighs up to 30 pounds (14 kg). Left-hand or right-hand control can be specified.


Our patented clutch mechanism allows you to raise or lower the shade by pulling on either side of the control cord. This releases the clutch, allowing smooth and easy re-positioning of the shade. The clutch holds the shade securely in place when the cord is released. The Rollease Acmeda system keeps shades hanging level by wrapping individual lift cords around a rotating shaft.

  • Shades stay level
  • No more manual ring settings or cleats
  • Adjacent treatments are easily set to matching levels
  • Heavy shades feel lighter
  • No more piles of cord
  • Trouble-free performance backed by Rollease Acmeda's Limited Lifetime clutch warranty