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SS38 Roman Shade

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The SS38 Roman Shade system offers a contemporary look while maintaining the functional benefits of a traditional Roman shade. The slim, square-profile housing of the SS38 system, combined with the low-profile mounting clips, contribute to achieving a neat finish for your roman shades . Even with its sleek and compact design, the SS38 can achieve lengths of up to 13 feet. Fabric can be attached with Velcro®, or with a flat spline and can be easily inserted into the dedicated opening on the front of the head rail. For a small roman shade system, the SS38 has the ability to lift shades of various weights and sizes while still ensuring a smooth and quiet operation.

Aesthetic Features

  • Contemporary slimline aluminum profile
  • End covers for a complete, neat overall finish
  • Low profile non-obtrusive mounting clips

Production, Assembly & Installation Features

  • Suitable for straight drop and up to 30 degree angled applications
  • Optional spline or Velcro® fabric attachment
  • Can achieve widths up to 13 feet

Functional Benefits

  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Compatible with the Safety Ring LockTM System to prevent lift cords from forming loops
  • ARC protocol allows for smart phone control and IOT integration 


    • Pure white
      Chain Control
      Motorized Control
      SS38 Slim Spool
  • Motorised Control capacity

    Fabric Density: 430 gsm [12.68 oz/yd2]
    Weight Bar: N/A
    Note: minimum blind width based on 2 spools (min required) + drive unit

    Chain Control Capacity




    Low Profile Mounting Clip