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Roller Spool System S45

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Our roller spool system brings together the features and benefits of a motorized or chain operated roller blind systems resulting in an alternative solution for roman shades.


  • Compatible with Easy-Lock & Easy-Link™ S45 chain control or motorized systems.
  • Alternative application for roman blind systems.
  • Provides a simple lifting process.
  • Simple manufacturing process.
  • Durable compounds enabling lifting alignment.
  • Flame retardant compound.
  • 6.0mm (0.236˝) Woven Lift Tape friendly.
  • Unique easy to use attachment cavity.
  • Maximum drop capacity is 5.5mts (216.53˝).

    • Pure white
    • Off White
  • Attaching spool to aluminium tube


    Attaching tape to spool