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Hem Bars

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Rollease Acmeda offers a variety of hem bars to suit our roller shade solutions, ranging from the small bars all the way through to the larger sized bars.


  • Features an updated architectural design for use with either small or medium roller shades
  • Slim and subtle design; measuring 0.5" wide and 1.2" long
  • Feeding Funnel set available for easy fabric assembly
  • 0.6" spline compatibility
  • Easy push fitment of plain end caps onto bottom rail
  • Styled wire guide end caps with secure fitment to bottom rail using screws
  • Compatible with Oval Ballast; for added weight and our T‐Slot brush; for softer bottom edge
  • Available in the following colors: black, pure white, sandstone & barley



  • Stylish Slim finish for larger roller shades, measuring 15mm wide and 41mm high.
  • 15mm spline compatibility.
  • Bottom seal strip available, aligning floor levels and closing up gaps.
  • Wire and Side Guide system compatibility.
  • Additional weight ballast allowances, achieving optimal performance.
  • Available in the following colours: black, pure white, sandstone & barley.

  • d30 bottom rail deduction