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New Product Launch | Zipscreen 78 to 45mm Reducer and 45mm Idler

14 Oct 2022


  New Product  New Product 
Description: Bearing Idler | 45mm
Reducer | 78mm to 45mm w/ Screws
Code: RE01-0213-050045 RE20-0311-050178
Pack Size: 1 | 50 Each
4 | 100 Each
Color/Finish: Black Black
Use With: Reducer 78mm to 45mm and 78mm tubes

45mm bearing idler and 78mm tubes

Transitioning: October 17, 2022 October 17, 2022


Production/Installation Improvements:

•Used with 45mm/M50 motors with no crowns required (not for use with spring or crank control)

•Design features to snap/fasten components together (saves riveting components) - up to 15 mins saving per system.


Functional Benefits:

• Idler snaps into reducer for a secure, reliable connection.

• Reducer has a significantly larger step-down to allow more zip build-up.

• Reducer has a cut-out feature that allows the fabric to be inserted after component assembly.



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