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Maximizing Comfort With Fabric

3 Jun 2017

Using Shading to Maximize Comfort in Your Space

The fabric on your window shade serves many purposes, the most obvious being aesthetics. But did you know that your fabric selection can also impact the comfort of the room? By selecting the right fabric, you can help reduce heat transmission and glare.

Rollease Acmeda offers a variety of fabrics to help you maximize comfort in your space.

SilverScreen – The original metalized screen fabric. SilverScreen sets the industry standard with an unrivaled solar reflectance value. SilverScreen maximizes solar energy control and reduces glare to the max.

OmniaScreen – Taking advantage of the versatile 2x2 basket weave, Omnia provides yet another metalized screen solution that ensures pristine views and reduces heat.

EnviroScreen – Cradle to Cradle certified, EnviroScreen is a 100% polyester PVC-Free fabric with a woven screen-like construction that provides all the benefits of a metalized backed screen while maintaining a textile appearance.

3000 HT – The broken twill weave in 3000 HT results in white always facing the outside, helping to maintain uniformity on the façade, reflecting solar energy.

Ambient – Similar to a traditional screen, but without PVC. If you’re looking to reap benefits similar to those of a traditional screen, but looking to avoid PVC, Ambient is the fabric for you.

By selecting any of these fabrics, you are heading into the realm of high performance fabrics, increasing thermal and optical comfort, and making your space the best it can be.

Contact your sales manager for additional information about any of these products.