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Get Out & Play: Outdoor Child Safe Shade Solutions

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Play Outside Safer With an Automated Zipscreen Shade

30 Aug 2021
Child and pet safe shades can be installed anywhere, even outside. Add motorization to your outdoor patio shading solution for a fun and safe outdoor environment that everyone can enjoy.

Playing outside is important for developing young minds and natural environments are important for everyone. Over the years, the amount of time children spend playing outside has significantly declined due to parental concerns about safety. This has also led to people themselves spending less time outdoors. Playing outside is an important part of child development because the children are exposed to vitamin D through the sunshine and the outdoor environment is connected to improved attention and memory .

Architects and designers have started to work with the design principles of biophilic design to create interior environments that have elements of natural lights, fresh and natural elements into the space. These spaces create an environment that foster mental wellness for everyone, not just children.

While architects are focused on creating environments that foster mental wellness for all, parents are focused on having a safe yard for your pets and children to play in. Parents often focus on obvious outdoor safety solutions like gates & fences to keep children and pets safely contained in the yard, but what about the awnings or shading solutions? 

Exterior Roller Shades

Outdoor roller shades are a powerful addition to any outdoor entertainment area. These shades can minimize the wind impact, block insects, and keep weather out of the shaded area. Outdoor shades add sophistication to any outdoor entertainment area. 

Our Zipscreen solution creates the ultimate exterior shading experience. Zipscreen shades are created using our unique zip-fed fastening system. Our award-winning Ultra-Lock v2 mechanism adds safety and security to the shade by securely locking the system in place, making it difficult for children to remove the shade from its position.

All Zipscreen systems are designed as cord-free products for a truly child-safe solution. Manual Zipscreen systems can be controlled through Rollease Acmeda’s trusted spring system using a crank gear or easy-pull hem bar. 

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Automated For Safety 

Motorized shades add convenience to exterior shading solutions. Adding automation to these systems add convenience to the outdoor space. For the most part, exterior shades are larger than normal interior home shades which can make controlling the shade difficult. 

Large outdoor shades that come down like garage doors can potentially injure small pets or children. Pairing exterior shading systems like Zipscreen with an Automate™ FT Motor adds additional layers of safety to the outdoor patio environment.

Automate™’s FT Motor has impact detection to stop a shade that encounters an obstacle in its path. When the FT Motor detects an obstacle hitting  the hem bar, the motor will try again twice before automatically settling above the obstruction instead of continuing to close. This protects your children and pets from being harmed by a roller shade moving to the down position. 

Create a truly automatic shading solution by pairing the FT Motor with the Pulse 2 Hub. Use the Pulse 2 app to set schedules and timers or integrate into third-party systems such as the popular voice assistants Alexa®, Google Home Assistant®, or Apple HomeKit, or a sophisticated home automation platform such as Crestron, Control4, Savant, and more.  

Automate offers sun and wind sensors to trigger operations of the motorized shading system by opening and closing the shade depending on the weather.

Child Safe Fabrics

Pairing a Zipscreen system with Texstyle’s X-Weave fabric collection allows users to choose between 6 color options that blend into the environment. X-Weave is a heavy duty 2x2 weave that is durable for versatile use. X-Weave defies the elements while preserving view through. It’s fire-retardant finish grants usage in both commercial and residential settings. X-Weave is available in multiple openness factors for greater view through.

X-Weave fabrics contain no harmful chemicals as listed in the Oeko-Tex® 100  Standard certification and is Greenguard Gold certified. 

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Rollease Acmeda offers everything needed to create a complete outdoor child-safe shading solution. From fabrics to motors, a completely child-safe shade solution can give parents and pet owners peace of mind when it comes to a safe outdoor play area. Pairing a Zipscreen solution with an Automate FT Motor creates a cord free solution with impact detection. Get out and play safer with a complete Rollease Acmeda outdoor shading system. 

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