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Fabric Tariff Second Notice

October 1, 2018

1 Oct 2018

Dear Valued Customer,

We have all seen the headlines about the latest round of tariffs imposed by our administration which took effect September 24, 2018 on a wide range of textiles sourced from China. We have confirmed that the following lines within our fabric program (Mesa, Tempe, Vista, Balmoral, XWeave and Largo) are subject to this round of tariffs. Alkenz Solar Screen products will not be impacted.

As a result, we must increase our list prices for these fabric lines. In an effort to make this tariff implementation swifter and easier for you, Rollease Acmeda have elected to implement a onetime list price increase of 18% effective November 15, 2018. Any orders for these products currently in-house or received prior to November 15, 2018, will be filled as equitably as possible utilizing the current pricing program. We will make our best effort but can make no guarantees on timing of shipment or degree of allocation.

If we are unable to fill any orders received prior to November 15, 2018 from current inventory, we will need to impose the planned price adjustment. Any affected customers will be notified and have the opportunity to cancel or modify any such orders.

We apologize for the rapid and significant price increase on these popular products, but we simply have no option. We are hopeful that these tariffs will be eliminated or reduced in the near future and commit to re-adjusting our pricing once trade relations stabilize.





Peter Koenig

Director – Sales & Marketing