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Choosing The Right Solar Screen Fabric For Your Shade

22 Jan 2019

There’s more to finding the right Solar Screen fabric for your shade than just choosing your preferred color and texture. Several factors affect the way a fabric will perform in an environment and your roller shade’s effectiveness may be hindered if you’ve chosen the wrong fabric for the job. 

One of the key elements to distinguish how a Solar Screen fabric will perform is the openness of the fabric’s weave. The openness factor, shown as a numerical percentage, will essentially dictate the amount of light the fabric allows to filter through. If the openness is high, the fabric will do less to block light and will appear more see through or transparent, whereas low openness allows less light to leak through the fabric, meaning more privacy and UV protection, but less transparency. 

The transparency of the Solar Screen fabric improves as openness factor increases, however the view through of the fabric can also be affected by the color of your fabric. Shown below are two examples, both with the same openness levels, one of which being a light-colored fabric, and the other being a darker shade.

Light Solar Screen Fabric

openness 1-02-02-02-01

Dark Solar Screen Fabric

openness 1-02-02-02-02

For most people UV protection and sun control are most important, as harsh sunlight can be damaging to flooring and furniture. If your interior furnishings aren’t directly exposed to sunlight, then it may be all about how your shade can reduce your energy bills with better temperature control and insulation. Low openness factors would be the best decision for such circumstances and would also aid in securing privacy throughout the day. Alternatively, if sun control, insulation and privacy are second to having the perfect view, then your fabric should be less opaque and more transparent.

TIP: To get the best of both worlds, it may be optimal to use a dual shade system and layer an open fabric with a blackout fabric. 

Shade fabrics play an often-neglected role in a home. If you’re looking for the ultimate control of the natural light, then it’s vital to select a fabric that can block the harmful UV rays, without creating an unwelcoming environment. Our 3000 NET Solar Screen  fabric collection is perfectly versatile, and ensures protection and light control without compromising aesthetics. The 3000 NET fabric range is available in a host of light and dark colors, as well as 1%, 3%, 5% and 10% openness factors. Don’t settle for a fabric that might be ruining your interior, visit our fabric gallery to find our extended range and more information.

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