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Automateā„¢ Simple Wand

1 Sep 2017

The Automate™ Simple Wand motorization system enables local control of a shade from a child safe, attractive wand. The integrated Lithium-Ion battery motor will lift shades as big as 7’ x 7’ up to 500 times before needing a recharge from the Universal Mini-USB port at the tip of the wand. Operation is extremely simple: three buttons on the control wand send the shade up, down or to the favorite position.     

As easy as:

  1. Fabricate Shade.
  2. Set limits. Set favorite position.
  3. Go.

Contact your Account Representative special Limited Time Introductory price.

Package includes:

25mm Li-ion 1.1Nm Simple Motor (MTDCBSW25-1.1)

3’ Simple Wand (MTSW36-W)

Skyline Motor Adapter (MTAD-252835-SL)

Crown & Drive set for 1.25” tube (MTCRDR-25-1.25)

For more product specifications click here. 

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