Residential homeowners can benefit from energy efficiency programs supported by the U.S. Department of Energy. Currently, ENERGY STAR does not certify the performance of window blinds, curtains, or shades (window attachments). However, research conducted by the U.S Department of Energy determined that window coverings have potential for significant energy conservation.

In cooler seasons, homes lose about 30% of its heating energy through the windows. During warmer temperatures outside, 76% of the sunlight that comes through a window turns into heat. Most window coverings will result in some form of savings, though the exact savings is based on the season, the type of window attachment and the climate.

Our Energy Efficient Offerings 

Rollease Acmeda is a components manufacturer and supplier of window shading solutions. Our product offerings are sold to manufacturers and fabricators of window shading solutions, globally.  

Recently, Rollease Acmeda had several solutions certified by the Attachments Ratings Energy Council for manual roller shade solutions in the United States. Our collection of AERC rated solutions include our Skyline open roll solution and three fabric families from our Texstyle division.

The fabric collections include:

3000 NET

(1%, 3%, 10%, & Privacy)
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3000 NET

(1%, 3%, 10%, & Privacy)
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Light Filtering & Blackout
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Light Filtering & Blackout
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These fabrics have been rated to efficiently reduce the cost of energy consumption in residential applications when paired with the Rollease Acmeda Skyline manual open roll system. These solutions are also available with a motorization option through Automate™.

To learn more about the Rollease Acmeda Solutions rated by AERC, read the full press release.

About AERC

AERC is an independent non-profit organization. Their goal is to rate, label, and certify energy efficiency and performance of window attachments as a non-bias third party. AERC was formed in 2014 with funding from the US Department of Energy to provide homeowners, builders, and architects with access to credible and accurate information on the energy savings potential provided by window attachments, like roller shades.

AERC partners with window covering manufacturers, window covering component manufacturers, energy conservation interest groups and the U.S. government to ensure the credibility of the information provided by the organization.



Reading The AERC Label

Every solution rated by AERC has an individual rating to determine its warm climate rating and its cool climate rating. Any product rating 0.0 for Warm climate rating or Cool Climate rating means that the window is operating as if there are no coverings on the window.

There are several different factors that go into rating and certifying fabrics. Visual Transmittance (Tv) is a key factor for rating roller shades. Visual transmittance is an optical factor that measures the portion of sunlight the eye can see. Tv relates to occupant comfort as it translates to visible sunlight in a room.

Not every product that is AERC rated is rated for both warm and cool climates. If the words “Not Applicable” appear on the label, then the product is not recommended for energy improvement for that climate nor is it designed to address specific energy efficiency issues related to that particular climate.

Reading the AERC Label

Reading the Climate Map

The climate map provided by AERC breaks down the continental united states into three regions, cool climate regions, warm climate regions and mix climate regions.

The cool climate region is the northern United States where homes stay cooler throughout the year longer. The states in the cool climate region benefit most from the Cool climate rating as they are working to maintain heat within their home or building.  


Cool Climate Rating

Cool Climate Ratings indicate potential energy savings when the temperature outside is colder. For example, if a person purchases an AERC certified product with a cool climate rating of 45, then installing the attachment over an existing window will have the potential savings of 45% of the energy that would have been otherwise lost without the attachment. The higher the Cool Climate Rating, the more energy efficient the solution is.  

Warm Climate Rating

Warm climate ratings indicate potential energy savings when the temperature outside is warmer. For example, if a person purchases an AERC certified product with a warm climate rating of 52, then installing the attachment over an existing window would have the potential savings of 52% of the energy that would have been lost without the attachment. The higher the Warm Climate Rating, the more energy efficient the solution is.

Use Roller Shades to Add Comfort to The Home


Through the Texstyle brand, Rollease Acmeda offers a variety of over 90 fabrics that are rated by the AERC.  Texstyle’s fabrics do more than add energy efficiency to a room, they bring style, comfort and in some cases privacy to the room’s design. Check out our full collection of AERC certified fabrics on the Texstyle Website

Adding or upgrading roller shades  to a residential project benefits homeowners because the shades reduce the amount of heat transferring through the windows. Minimizing the amount of energy needed to maintain a comfortable temperature in a space.




Fabric selection for energy efficient shades is the main driving factor for efficiency. Fabric is what blocks out light and prevents heat from entering a room through the window. There are several variables that make fabric energy efficient.


Homeowners can add automation to their shades to further improve energy efficiency. Automate, the motorization division of Rollease Acmeda offers several controls and sensor that allow users to create a fully automated shading solution.

Adding temperature and sun sensors to a room allows the Automate Pulse 2 Hub to automatically adjust shades throughout the day. These sensors allow users to create the most energy efficient position automatically throughout the year.  

A dynamic shading system can significantly reduce the amount of internal heating needed during cooler months and absorb heat to minimize cooling costs during warmer months. Push a button and create a constantly moving shading system to best suit your needs as the outdoor environment continues to change.

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AERC works with utility companies within the US to incorporate window attachments into their energy savings programs for both residential and commercial customers. Utility companies like Baltimore Gas & Electric are looking for ways to help consumers become more energy efficient.  

Learn more about these Window Attachment Incentive programs here

Roller shade fabricators and manufacturers have a unique opportunity to become a member of AERC. Currently, components and fabrics of the window coverings are being AERC certified. As a Manufacturer and fabricator becoming AERC certified helps you the business owners as well as the customer install energy efficient roller shades into a building project. 

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