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Easy Spring Wand

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Rollease Acmeda's Easy Spring Wand system offers a high quality, aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced Wand or Shade controlled solution. The shade will open to your preferred top location in a smooth and controlled motion.


  • Minimal light gaps
  • Color matched bracket covers provide a neat overall finish
  • Optional square or round enclosed headbox
  • Clean installation without chain or tensioner


  • Easy Pre-tensioning through control bracket
  • Single Top Limit Setting function, simple and intuitive to set the limit
  • Color coded LH & RH hardware for quick & easy assembly
  • Universal Single Stop Limiter for both orientations


  • Premium child safety with easy to operate wand control
  • Alternative wand free operation
  • Auto-rise functionality with manual lowering
  • Top limit setting for an easy user experience
  • Can be installed onto wall, ceiling & inside fix applications
  • Patent protected
  • Decelerator for smooth controlled movement
  • Compatible with Easy-Link