Rollease Acmeda's drop awnings are advanced outdoor shading solutions which can act as external window coverings or allow you to enclose your alfresco areas. Our external shades serve as a sleek, secure and durable alternative to traditional awnings and outdoor roller shutters.



    Is the ultimate external screening solution for any outdoor area or window. Specially designed for alfresco-entertaining areas such as pergolas, verandas, and balconies, it offers privacy and protection from the sun, wind, rain, and insects all year round.


    Veue Drop Awnings

    The Veue Drop Awnings range offers five different outdoor shading systems to suit a variety of applications while retaining a consistent aesthetic. Veue comprises of straight, wire guide and channel guide drop as well as a pivot arm option. Veue components are compatible with and provide an upgrade to the popular side-retention system, Zipscreen.


    Extreme Drop Awnings

    With the ability to achieve up to 7m widths, the Extreme System consists of robust hardware providing a solution for significantly heavier and impressive shading systems. The perfect solution for both internal and external applications, domestic or commercial, the extreme system creates a new opportunity to achieve greater, grander beautiful blinds.

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