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The Chainhold tension device by Rollease Acmeda provides a child safe tension mechanism for a chain roller system. If not properly installed, the Chain Hold Tension Device will partially prevent the window covering from functioning, making it fully compliant with the ANSI/WCMA standard for safety. The durable construction and engineered design of the Chain Hold Tension Device ensures smooth, reliable performance.


  • Fast assembly, easily and quickly installed
  • Fast installation with outside mounting bracket available
  • Sleek appearance: small, attractive design blends with any decor
  • Quiet, reliable and efficient performance
  • Smooth operation with both Rollease Acmeda metal and plastic stop balls and chain connectors
  • Avaiable in four fashion colors: white, vanilla, gray, black and a clear outside mounting bracket
  • Complies with ANSI/WCMA A100 Cord Safety Standard
    A - RB91-1336-xxx000 Chainhold Cover
    B - RB91-1337-xxx000 Chainhold Base Assembly
    C - RB91-1338-001110 Chainhold Mounting Kit Clear
    D - MK04-INST-133101 Chainhold Instructions