Frequently asked questions

What is railroading of fabric?

Railroading is the term for rotating the fabric 90 degrees on the table and running the fabric sideways.  This may be needed when the width of the shade exceeds the width of the roll.  When a fabric has been railroaded, the width of the roll becomes the height (drop) of the shade.

How does fabric color affect the shade?

Both view-through and heat control are affected by the color of the shade.
Darker colors absorb light and are therefore not as good for heat control.  However, they are better at glare control and as a result provide better view-through.  Conversely, lighter colors reflect light and are therefore more energy efficient, but not as effective at controlling glare, resulting in decreased view-through.


Greenguard Environmental Institute is an independent organization that tests and certifies materials used for furnishings to ensure they contain minimal or non-existent levels of dangerous contaminants that could impact indoor air quality.

What fabric sampling is available?

Rollease Acmeda stocks a variety of sampling formats including cards, decks, binders and swatches.  For additional information, contact your regional sales manager.

What are the primary benefits of solar screen?

Solar screens are an excellent choice for your window because they help to protect the inside of your room/home/building by reflecting some of the sun’s rays.
Depending on the weave and color, solar screens can help reduce energy costs, reduce glare, improve privacy, or improve view-through.  There is a solar screen to suit every need.

What does openness factor mean?

Openness factor is a percentage and refers to the ratio of fabric to openings in the weave.  This open space allows for light to come through the fabric.  A larger openness factor will allow for more light visibility, while a smaller openness factor will provide greater light blockage and less visibility.

What is the composition of the Rollease Acmeda solar screens?

SunShadow is made from a polyester yarn that is coated with specially-formulated, a non-toxic PVC that does not contain odor causing compounds generally associated with solar screen material.
Ambient is our PVC-free offering and is made of 100% polyester

Can solar screen fabric be railroaded?

The 3000 NET, 4000 NET, and Ambient Series can be railroaded (turning width for length).  We do not recommend railroading other screen fabrics.

Is your screen fabric flame retardant?

Our entire screen offering is has passed NFPA-701 and California Title-19.

How do you clean solar screen?

SunShadow screens can be wiped with a sponge and warm soapy water. Remove dust with vacuum cleaner or compressed air. Do not scrub. Do not use solvents or abrasives that could harm the coating of the fabric.

Is cut yardage available?

Cut yardage is available with a 3 yard minimum.

What is the warranty on SunShadow?

Rollease Acmeda is offering a limited lifetime warranty to our direct customers.

How do designer fabrics control daylight?

Unlike solar screen fabric that uses openness factors, our designer fabrics control light by their construction, coating and color, which can fall into 3 distinctive classifications:

  1. Transparent – permit light to pass through and the objects in background have high visibility
  2. Translucent – diffused view, limited visibility
  3. Blackout – complete UV blockage and no view

Can Designer fabrics be railroaded?

While most of this collection can be railroaded, we do not recommend railroading Vista or Balmoral.  If a fabric has a pattern, it’s important to note that the pattern will change when the fabric is turned. For specific inquiries, please contact your regional sales manager.

What are the cleaning recommendations for the designer fabric?

Do not soak. Clean by gentile wiping with a sponge and warm soapy water. Remove dust with vacuum cleaner or compressed air. Do not scrub. Do not use solvents or abrasives.

Are any of the designer fabrics flame retardant?

There are a limited number of fabrics that are FR, which are identified and grouped together on the Fabric page of the Rollease Acmeda web site.

How do I get a copy of the flame-retardant certification?

Contact Rollease Acmeda Customer Service, 800-552-5100.

What is the composition of the designer fabric?

Depending on the style, Rollease Acmeda Designer fabrics can consist of all cotton or polyester, or a variety of blends.  Contact customer service for specific inquiries.

Is cut yardage available?

Cut yardage is available with a 3 yard minimum.

What metalized fabrics does Rollease Acmeda offer and who makes them?

Our entire metalized/high performance offering is made by Verosol.
We offer SilverScreen in 2% and 4%, EnviroScreen in 2%, and OmniaScreen in 3%.

Why use a metalized fabric?

Our metalized backing significantly improves light and temperature control in the window.
Traditionally light colored fabrics were good at temperature control but weaker with light control.  Conversely dark fabrics were good at light control but weaker with temperature control.  Applying the aluminum makes all fabrics equally good at both light and temperature control, regardless of the color facing inside.
This results in a color independent solution.

Does the silver backing work like a mirror in the window?

No.  The yarns are round and therefore create a diffused reflection to the outside.  In the window, the metalized backing looks white or pale gray.

How do I clean a metalized fabric?

Make sure not to scratch the aluminum.  Use a soft cloth and a neutral or gentle soap.  Don’t rub or use abrasive detergents.

What is the composition of your commercial blackouts?

The composition of both Mesa and Tempe is 100% polyester.

What environmental benefits are associated with Mesa and Tempe?

Both are PVC-Free, Lead-Free, Fragrance-Free, and GREENGUARD certified.

Can Mesa or Tempe be railroaded?

Railroading (turning width for length) is not recommended.

Is cut yardage available?

Cut yardage is available with a 3 yard minimum.

How do I get a copy of the flame-retardant certification?

Contact Rollease Acmeda Customer Service, 800-552-5100

How do you clean the commercial blackout fabrics?

Wipe with a sponge and warm soapy water. Remove dust with vacuum cleaner or compressed air. Do not scrub. Do not use solvents or abrasives that could harm the coating of the fabric.

Where can I buy Rollease Acmeda Shades?

Rollease Acmeda doesn’t make complete window shades; we make and distribute window shade component parts which are purchased by companies that make shades.  You are likely contacting Rollease Acmeda because you saw our name on one of the parts in your shade (the clutch).  If you wish to purchase a new shade, please contact a window covering retailer in your area.

Who do I contact if I need my shade repaired?

Please contact the dealer who made your shade.

I'm not the original homeowner and I don't know who made my shade. Who should I contact in this case?

Refer to your local phone or internet directory using key words "window shade replacement", "window shade repair" or "window shade installation"

Who can I contact to purchase individual replacement parts on my own if I don't go through a local dealer?

Here are some replacement part websites carrying Rollease Acmeda parts:

Rollease Acmeda Parts Express

Blind Parts and Repairs

Blind Repair Network

Fix My Blinds

Fix and Repair any Kind of Blind Shade

Vertical and Draperies

Alan Richard Textiles

Replacement Parts Source

How can I identify which model clutch is in my shade so that I can order a replacement?

Identifying Roller Shade Clutch

How do I feed the cord or chain back into the clutch?

Please click here for our instructional video

 ACMEDA - Bead Chain in Clutch

How can I ensure I’m selecting the right safety tags and labels?

Link to Reference Guide

Link to How to Use Tags and Labels on Roller and Roman shades (with photos)

How do I assemble and install the SafetyHold3 tension device?

Assembling and installing the SafetyHold3 tension device

Do you have a copy of the testing that proves SafetyHold3 is compliant with the safety standard?

Yes – RollEase SafetyHold3 testing results are on file and available upon request.

Which device listed in the standard is the SafetyHold3 categorized as?

Tension Device – Section 6.5

Can you mount the SafetyHold3 anywhere on the loop?

No, it must be at the bottom of the loop with maximum tension while allowing ease of operation.

Do you have to install SafetyHold3 in an office environment?

Yes, if there is ever an expectation that children could be present.

What products does Rollease Acmeda offer to their customers to help them with compliance?

Chainhold Tension Device (for chain)

Safety Hold3 Tension Device (for cord and chain)

  • Section 6.5 Tension Devices

Safety Tags – In English/Spanish and English/French Versions

Safety Labels

Cordless Shade Systems

  • EasySpring - Plus and Ultra

    Motorization Options

  • Automate Motor Program

Roman Shades Section 6.4

  • Safety Shroud – 5.2.6

Are Rollease Acmeda old tension devices (TDLC & TDLT) compliant with new standard? If not, will RollEase take returns?

No, they are no longer compliant with the standard. Rollease Acmeda will not accept returns on any old tension devices purchased.

I have questions about the Safety Standard itself.  Where can I get more information?

Link to WCMA site

Help me compare R-Series, Skyline, Galaxy and Spring Assist clutch features.

Technical Features Comparison.

How can I determine which clutch or clutches are best suited for my roller shade application?

Shade Fabrication Calculator Excel worksheet.

How do I assemble a clutch and housing?

Align housing keys between the pulley opening and spring tang. Click to see illustration.

Clutch and Housing Assembly Illustration

How can I identify which model clutch is in my shade so that I can order a replacement?

Please click here for step-by-step instructions.

Identifying Roller Shade Clutch

NOTE: This one is also included on the Consumer – Repair & Replacement FAQ list – please link to same document)

How can I determine the deductions to take so that I can cut my tube to the right length for my shade?

PDF for R-Series

PDF For Skyline

What is the maximum roll diameter associated with each R-Series and Skyline bracket?

Maximum roll diameter associated with each R-Series and Skyline bracket

When should you choose a Heavy Duty Pin End?

1.  Shades weighing 15 pounds or more on tubes 2” or greater in diameter

2.  Motorized shades

3.  Shades requiring Galaxy clutches

The heavy duty pin ends are more durable and will last longer in these heavier shade applications.

G400 Spring Assist Questions

  1. How do I add pre-rotations to my G400 Spring Assist?

    Use our Shade Fabrication Calculator to determine the number of pre-rotations you will need for your application.

    View the video for a demonstration:

  2. How do I install the G400 Spring Assist into the tube?

    View the video for a demonstration:

  3. How much benefit do I get from a G400 Spring Assist?

    View the video for a demonstration:

What are the differences in Rollease Acmeda cord – D30, D40 and C30?

D-30 cord is constructed from 100% High Tenacity Filament Polyester.  It has a median diameter of .104” (2.6mm).  The cord weld break point averages 55 pounds.

D-40 cord is constructed from 100% High Tenacity Filament Polyester.  It has a median diameter of .120” (3.0mm).  The cord weld break point averages 55 pounds.

C-30 cord is constructed from 100% High Tenacity Filament Polyester.  It has a median diameter of .125” (3.2mm).  The cord weld break point averages 55 pounds.

All three cords are constructed from polyester filament with a minimum average break point of 55 pounds tensile at the weld.  The different diameters of the cords are designed to be used on different size clutches.  The D-30 and D-40 cords are a woven material; the C-30 cord is a softer braided material. Please refer to the Cord and Bead Chain Specification Guide in the Document Library for more information. 

What types of bead chain are available?

Plastic and metal bead chains are available from RollEase in continuous loops to a specific footage dimension or on spools from which customers make their own loops to precise lengths. Chain loops can be made from spooled material using connectors which can also act as stop balls. Continuous Bead Chain Loops in metal bead chain can also be made by using the bead chain pliers on the spooled material.

Plastic bead chain is available in 12mm or 6mm styles. The number refers to the distance between the centers of the balls on the bead chain. The 6mm bead chain style has double the beads per foot and is often thought to be more comfortable to use and more aesthetically pleasing.

Rollease Acmeda carries only approved and certified #10 qualified metal bead chain.
Please note that the bead size and spacing is critical to proper clutch function.

Should I use bead chain or cord with my clutch?

You will find this information in the Spec Charts below each System Drawing when navigating inside the Systems menu of the RollEase web site.  You may also reference the charts noted below.

PDF for R-Series, Skyline and Galaxy

PDF for Workroom

What determines how many Link System connectors you can have in a shade system? 

You can actually use more than three, but it is best to try and keep to three if possible.  The limit is actually a weight limit and is limited to 40 pounds past the first link, so you can have a clutch, a 15 pound shade, a link, another 15 pound shade, another link, and another 15 pound shade and still be within the limit.  That would put 30 pounds past the first link. 

Help trouble shoot my Workroom System shade – In cases where it rises unevenly, does not return, or is noisy

Trouble Shoot Workroom System

When would I use a Triangle Roman Rod for building Roman shades with No Sew Roman Bars?

The Triangle Rod (RRBTR16) gives more “bite” when using thinner fabrics.  The triangular rod extends more toward the inner surface of the sleeve to help prevent thinner fabrics from slipping.

Where can I get details on the Rollease Acmeda US Warranty?


What is the Rollease Acmeda US Return Policy?

Customer should contact their Rollease Acmeda Customer Service Representative (203-964-1573) or email sales@rolleaseacmeda.com so that we can issue a RGA (Return Goods Authorization) and provide further instructions and assistance with return shipping logistics.

  • You have 60 days from the date of invoice to notify Rollease Acmeda Customer Service of any potential returns. Returns reported after 60 days are solely at our discretion. Once approved, you will be provided with a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number. The return must be shipped back to us within 21 days.
  • If the return is due to a mistake or quality issue on our part, no restocking fee will be charged; otherwise our normal restock for returns is 15%. For fabric returns, we will only accept returns for cut fabric if greater than 12 LY and we will apply a 25% restock fee on returns of cut yardage.
  • If the return is due to a mistake or quality issue on our part, Rollease Acmeda will provide return shipping labels (for smaller returns) or return bills of lading (for larger returns). These will be sent to you via email from our shipping department. Simply print the label(s) received with your RGA (Return Goods Authorization) and attach it to the package to be returned. All products must be in original boxes with Return Goods Authorization number marked on the boxes.
  • For material that needs to be sent back by common carrier truck, you will have the option to schedule the pick-up when you are ready, or Rollease Acmeda will schedule it for you as noted above.
  • When your return is received, it will be processed within 3 business days under normal circumstances.
  • Any credit due on the return will be expedited through our financial department. The credit will be applied to your account and a credit memo will be mailed to you.

Can I order components in colors other than those shown in the catalog?

Yes – please contact your Regional Sales Manager to discuss your request for custom colors and we will provide information on minimum order quantities and lead times.