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Skyline CF90 Bottom Up

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The Rollease Acmeda Bottom Up is an innovative system, perfect for ground floor home or office applications where privacy and light harvesting are required. Bottom Up shades let the light in from the top of the window while shading the bottom section for privacy. Utilizing Skyline hardware combined with an innovative cord adjusting system to ensure a self-levelling hem bar, it is an effortless upgrade to a traditional Skyline roller shade.


  • Same slim square look as 3" Fascia
  • The location of the cords can be adjusted to minimize the hem bar deflection or to find aesthetically pleasing appearances


  • The design of the cord guides and the hem bar makes production easy and fast
  • The cord guides make it easy to adjust the location of the cords in the hem bar
  • The self-leveling hem bar ensures easy mounting of the system
  • Only a few new parts for the standard 3" Skyline fascia are needed


  • The geared clutch makes operating the shade effortless
  • Easy to update from a clutch control to the motorized control
  • Innovative cord adjusting system that ensures a self-levelling hem bar
      Chain Control
      for automation of shades
      for lifting heavier shades
      FASCIA 3/4/5"
      square semi cover
  • Tube Spec


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    Max Roll