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Multi-Link | S60

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Our Multi-Link™ system for large roller shades provides a solution to linking shades within the Uni System range. Designed to allow multiple shades to be controlled using a single motor or chain control operation. Maximum width requirements can be achieved with minimal gap disturbances.


  • Colour coded components.
  • Optional screw plate cover providing a neat finish.


  • Retractable Intermediate Drive allowing blinds to be installed separately to brackets.
  • Adjustable bracket allowing for an overall height adjustment of 10mm (0.39˝) (5mm [0.19˝] up/down).
  • Combo Intermediate bracket allows linking of dual blinds.
  • Cost effective Non Adjustable bracket option.


  • Noise dampening bearings ensure a silent & smooth operation.
  • Intermediate receiver incorporates a rotating lock mechanism to achieve accurate levelling.
  • Intermediate Drive & Receiver manufactured from high grade ABS polycarbonate alloy & machined steel.
    • Pure white
      Uni-Link S60
      for up to 90 degree linked blind installations
      Combo Bracket S60
      dual brackets for day/night blinds
      Adjustable Brackets
      for 5mm height adjustment
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