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Roller Chains and Accessories

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Our range of chains and accessories for roller blinds includes a variety of metal and plastic chains; available either on the roll or in convenient pre-looped sizes. We also hold a large range of chain tensioning devices for both wall and inside recess fixing, to ensure installers comply with the industry child safety regulations.


  • Convenient pre-looped chains available in plastic and metal with sizes ranging from 50cm to 200cm.

  • Safety Warning device stickers & labels available, adhering to the latest child safety regulations.

  • Slimline chain tensioning devices, securing chain to wall for premium child safety whilst ensuring unobtrusive design to compliment your interior.

  • Stainless steel and nickel plated chain joining pliers available to form your own custom sized loops.


    • Pure white
      Face/Wall Fix Chain Tensioner
      Recess Fix Chain Tensioner
      Chain Tensioning Hook
      Universal Fix Chain Tensioner
      Metal Chain Joining Pliers
      Safety Warning Tags
      Metal & Plastic Chains - Pre-looped & on the roll

    To avoid creating a possible strangulation hazard for children, internal window coverings MUST be installed so that a loose cord cannot form a loop 220mm or longer at a height of less than 1600mm above the floor.

    When installing a cord guide or cleat ensure it is installed at the correct height - directions below must be followed:

    i) A cord can be installed lower than 1600mm above floor level if the cord is sufficiently secured or tensioned to prevent a loop of 220mm or longer from being formed; and

    ii) Any cord guide installed lower than 1600mm above floor level must prevent a child from being able to remove the cord; and

    iii) If a cleat is used to secure the cord it must be at least 1600mm above floor level because a child is capable of unwinding a cord from a cleat.

    [as per Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standard – Corded Internal Window Coverings) Regulations 2010]