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CF Cassette/Fascia Suite | CF75

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Our latest CF cassette/fascia suite for rollers offers a comprehensive range of head box styles, controls and side channel options with improved performance functionality and aesthetics. A contemporary round or square headbox; available in fully enclosed or partial fascia, the CF75 is designed to house the most commonly used small roller systems. Utilising versatile hardware, the new cassette suite can be matched with dim-OUT side channels for improved energy efficiency.


  • Clean lines and complimentary aesthetics for various applications in round or square finish.
  • Both styles available as a fascia or fully enclosed cassette.
  • Face and top mounting clip options available for installations with minimised light and shadow gap.
  • End covers designed to overlap cassette front to hide production imperfections.
  • Colour matched plastic end covers.


  • Suite utilises versatile hardware for reduced inventory in creating full square or round cassettes or fascias
  • 2-piece dim-OUT side guides for improved face and recess installation.
  • Extrusions available in mill for custom powder coating.
  • No side channel or control mechanism punching required.


  • Compatible with our small (S35) - spring, chain and motorised roller blind solutions.
  • Co-moulded chain funnel guides for smooth and quiet operation.
  • dim-OUT side channels for improved energy efficiency.