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Automate Large Motorised | S60

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Automate S60 offers a complete motorised solution for large internal roller blinds. With a capacity to hold up to 40Kg, the Automate EL S60 is easy to assemble and install with simple 5 step programming. The S60 motor comes with a 5 year warranty and can be controlled by the Automate RF400 & RF500 series remote controls.


  • Colour coded brackets and hardware.
  • Optional bracket cover caps providing a neat overall finish.
  • Stylish single & multi-channel remote controls, available as hand held or wall mount switches.


  • Auto Idler provides a retractable drive shaft for easy installation
  • Combo brackets for dual blinds/shades on one single bracket.
  • Compatible with Multi-Link & Uni-Link System for dual and angled single motor operation
  • One universal motor solution for large internal roller & outdoor shades.


  • 15 Nm motor torque and 15 Rpm speed.
  • Easy 5 step programming.
  • Optional Impact detection function which senses an obstacle in the blinds path and redirects the blind to protect the hardware & fabric.
  • Intermediate setting for customised favorite position.