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8 Feb 2021
Our latest catalogue update features new additions to all categories along with a variety of product changes, including pack sizes and colour ranges. For your added convenience, the contents page of the overall catalogue as well as the sub contents page of each book is hyperlinked, for quick and easy navigation. Our next full release is scheduled for July, in which new hard copies will be circulated.


Internal Hardware Updates:

  • Refined 38mm Easy-Spring product offering
  • Discontinued  S40/45 Medium Crank & S60 Large Uni-Link Solution
  • Updated S100 Motorised Wire-Guide System offering 
  • Updated Motorised Curtain System offering
  • Refined Z-Lock system offering 

External Hardware Updates:

  • New F72 weight bar end caps 
  • Revised formatting on & freight charges on Awning Kits.
  • New Zipscreen & Veue open blind brackets (Square & Round)
  • Revised steel tube length offering 
  • Increased bubble seal option offering.

Automate Updates:

  • New Versa AC Module added 
  • Revised Curtain motor accessories
  • Push15 Remotes included
  • New External Motor accessories
  • Refined third party accessories within range 

For a breakdown of our 10 system category books, please go to the document library to access with and without pricing. 

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