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Frame Gas Strut Technology


Constant Tension on all 4 Sides

4 Oct 2021


The Frame retractable roofing system utilises a high-pressure gas spring system for effortless movement and constant tension across the length of the system, ensuring the fabric always remains smooth and taut.

side tension

When configured with our signature side guide technology, z-Lock™, the Frame provides superior tension across all four sides of the fabric, preventing any undesired rippling or sagging on larger applications.



Developed in Europe, the gas strut technology is concealed within the side channels for an aesthetically pleasing design and is also a safer alternative to the conventional spring-operated system.  During development the gas strut solution was put through rigorous testing, enduring extremely high cycle counts of over 100,000 uses and is backed by our 5-year warranty. This solution promises longevity without compromising on design & finish.

  • Awnings