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U.S. PRODUCT CHANGE | Bottom Closure 3.6” 16’ LENGTH

30 Apr 2022


 Discontinued Product Replacement Product 
Description:Bottom Closure 6" x 16' White 3.60" Return
Bottom Closures for Recessed Pockets
Pack Size:2 EASee link below  
Finish:White, AnodizedWhite, Anodized
Use With:RCCP6x (discontinued)

RCCP-500x-yyy305, RCCP-600x-075305, RCCP-700x-075305, RCCP4x, RCCP5x, L & I clips

Transitioning: May 1, 2022

Production/Installation Improvements:

• Multiple bottom closure widths are available and compatible with AP Series and legacy pockets
• Bottom closures are also compatible with L-Clips and l-clips for recessed ceiling applications.

• Choose the correct bottom closure that fits your application and provides the best aesthetic.


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