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New Product | Push15 Channel Remote

2 Nov 2020



Automate | Push15 Channel Remote 


MT02-0101-050008 & MT02-0101-067008

Pack Size:

1 | 100 EA


Refer to relevant leaflet


Gloss White (067) Matte Black (050)


Use With:

Automate ARC Motors 

Functional Features:

  • Large LCD screen displaying channel & group selections for quick and easy reference.
  • Control 15 individual shades on separate channels
  • 5 dedicated grouped channels.
  • Levelling Control activated with a simple double tap to move individual or grouped shades to desired position.
  • Magnetic Wall cradle featuring integrated battery key
  • Tactile Buttons intuitively positioned allowing easy access to channel & group selections 
  • P2 & lock programming buttons now accessible via back of remote, without cover removal. 

Aesthetic Features:

  • Slim, modern design to suit any interior decor
  • Gloss white & Matte Black finish
  • Advanced metal back plate 

Download and print via the below links:

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