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November 2021 Price Increase Notification

16 Oct 2021

Effective November 1st, 2021, we will be implementing a general price increase across the entirety of Rollease Acmeda’s product portfolio.

A general summary of the scheduled price increases is below.

Pricing Change Summary

Product Category

Effective Date

Price Increase

All aluminum products (includes all products that contain aluminum)

Nov 1st, 2021


All other Rollease Acmeda products, (includes all fabric, motorization, steel hardware, plastic components and all other Rollease Acmeda products)

Nov 1st, 2021



Price increase clarification

In our previous communications, we had indicated that our business, along with many other businesses, continued to battle substantial cost increases due to material cost and shipping cost increases.  Over the past several months, we have continued to see our shipping and material costs rise across the board.  We continued to bear the brunt of most of those cost increases through the calendar year thus far but are unable to carry that burden moving forward. 

We are committed to working with our vendors and will ensure that we adjust our prices equitably as we see our material and shipping costs decline from the elevated levels today. 

Aluminum cost increase

Our material costs specifically on aluminum products have seen a drastic rise from this time last year and especially in the past three months.  As a benchmark for both our costs as well as a general barometer for the commodity, we’ve included a chart below depicting the steep rise of aluminum costs as reported from the London Metals Exchange (LME) below.  The cost of aluminum as reported on the LME has risen ~70% over the last 12 months.



(LME Oct 2020 through Oct 2021 - source: Trading Economics)

Ordering logistics

Orders placed before November 1st, 2021 with immediate release, characterized as released for immediate shipment, will be invoiced at current prices.  In order to support our customers as fairly as possible, we will use our discretion to allocate inventory for orders placed between now and October 29th based on allocated existing inventory capable of shipment within this timeframe.  We reserve the right to not accept orders that are extraordinary in volume or otherwise materially out of the ordinary.

Orders placed on or before October 29th without immediate release will be invoiced at the new prices.  All orders, irrespective of quotation date, entered or released on or after November 1st will be invoiced at the new prices.  

All container drop shipment orders are subject to the 4% price increase across all trading incoterms including FOB, Ex-Works, DDP, CIF or CFR.

We are committed to our partners and customers and will continue to invest in new and innovative window covering solutions and maintain competitively priced products.  We value your business and thank you for your continued support and patience as we navigate through these dynamic changes in the market. 

For additional information, please contact your local Rollease Acmeda sales manager.

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