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RB07, RB08 & RB09

6 Dec 2016


Our RB07 Easy-Lock Fixed Guide chain winder & idler sets feature a rotating guide which can be locked into a desired position, for improved chain security during operation.

Available in 70 or 90 mm projections, the Fixed Guide winders fit into our S35, S40 & S45 aluminum tubes. Aesthetical features include a smooth rounded cover and minimal 15mm light gap, same as non-chain guard versions.

Matching 7mm Idler available for S40 & S45.

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Our RB08 MKII Chain control is the result of the implementation of several advancements made to our core chain winder model. Available in different sizes to fit our S35, S40, S45 aluminum tubes. With its smooth, clean aesthetical appearance it gives your roller blind that minimal look that makes it ideal for commercial and residential application.

Matching 7mm Idler available for S40 & S45.

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Our RB09 chain winder is considered the flagship of Acmeda chain control systems. Utilizing the very latest in technology, it brings over twenty years of experience into one cutting-edge design.

The two-piece snap-lock winder assembly allows to reduce chain assembly time by up to 75%.

Aesthetical features include high gloss finish.

Matching 10mm Extendable Idler (Extending in 1mm increments) option available.

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