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2018 Color Trends

25 Apr 2018

There is much thought put behind the color choice inside of a home. We are surrounded by these colors and subject to the emotions they evoke throughout the day. The psychology behind color and the logic behind color trends help guide interior designers and homeowners when choosing a color palette. The effect of their choices may be subtle or dramatic, expanding the range of possibilities for accent pieces, like window treatments.

As 2018 continues, there has been a shift from tranquil and neutral color schemes to dramatic, vibrant, rich and mysterious color choices. Regardless of room decor, Rollease Acmeda has the perfect range of fabrics for window treatments. From neutrals to vibrant color and patterns, our extensive color research has afforded us the ability to provide you with the perfect range of color solutions.

See below for on trend colors:

Canary has a light, airy quality of color. The pale hues found in this fabric are uplifting and evoke feelings of happiness, joy and relaxation. Available in Milano and Torino. 




Surf has a tranquil feel with a retro look, making it a great color choice to accent a room and make a pop. Available in Verona. 




Blue Stone is an earthy tone that will help keep a room grounded and calm. A classic choice in fabric to accent your decor. Available in Milano and Torino. 




This blue will bring a level of depth to the room with its textured weave. You can blend the fabric into a room, or contrast it to make it stand out. Available in Panama.




This textured Dark Blue will bring drama to a room with its rich and mysterious colored pattern. Available in Mandal. 





Be dramatic and edgy with Red, capturing attention and impacting the whole setting of the room. Available in Panama.