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Automate FT15 Motor | Available Now


External Roller Blind Motorisation

15 Oct 2015

The Automate FT15 Motor is now available as part of the Rollease Acmeda Automate FT (Fabric Tension) Series of motors. The Automate FT15 is a multi-function tubular motor created to enhance the Zipscreen and external wire guide system.

The Automate FT motor offers three different modes of operation:

  • E-type for standard use
  • Manual FT Mode for use with conventional locking devices with fabric tensioning
  • Auto FT Mode for use with Rollease Acmeda’s proprietary Ultra-Lock, providing automatic fabric tensioning.

The Automate FT motor also offers impact detection, where the motor senses an obstacle in the blinds' path and redirects the blind to protect the motor, hardware and fabric, therefore ensuring the longevity of the shade. For enhanced user operation, the 'intermediate' programming setting allows for a customised favourite position of the blind to be assigned.

When used with Rollease Acmeda's Ultra-Lock, a simple touch will activate the FT motor to automatically close, lock and tension the blind for increased stability and ease of use.

Please contact us to order.

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