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Automate A.R.T. Series Controls | Available Now


External Roller Blind & Awning Motorisation

15 Oct 2015

Rollease Acmeda have developed the Automate Reactive Technology (A.R.T.) Series of motorisation controls to enhance our external systems and the overall outdoor experience and they are now available.

The new solar powered wind and sun sensor, with no wiring, allows for quick installation or easy relocation. This product also provides the optimum in performance for the end user through it's self-sufficiency. Operating power is generated from the internal solar panel, so there is no need for manual recharging. The sensor will react to light intensity and use this information to instruct the shade to open or retract. High winds will cause the sensor to retract the shade to prevent damage.

Our economical new motion sensor also provides automated, hassle-free protection during high winds. The sensor, which attaches to any awning or external shading terminal bar, will retract the shade upon sensing sudden movement.

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