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Less Wastage, More Profits

4 Oct 2021

We feature an alternative 4.2m length offering (in addition to the 5.8m length) for our external extrusion range. This provides optimised fabrication by reducing aluminium wastage and decreasing overall extrusion costs by up to 30% when manufacturing Zipscreens at 3 or 4 meters wide. Available in our full colour range of Monument, Classic Cream, Pure White, Woodland Grey, Black, Paperbark & Anodised. 

Our 4.2m extrusion offering includes:

 Box 120 Back Cover  RE01-0101-xxx420  back
 Box 120 Front Cover  RE01-0102-xxx420  front
 78mm Aluminium Standard Tube  RE01-0378-000420  tube
 F56 Weight Bar  RE15-0101-xxx420  weight bar

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