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How to Identify an R-Series vs Skyline Clutch

13 Sep 2017

How to identify an R-Series vs Skyline Clutch


This page will help you identify an existing clutch (window shade component part) for replacement. Once you've identified the clutch you need, please either contact the window coverings retailer from whom you purchased your shade or contact a replacement parts dealer. 

1. R-Series or Skyline. Look at the clutch, if it has mounting hooks it is a Skyline, if it doesn't, it's an R-Series. 

2. Standard or Galaxy. Now determine if the clutch style is Standard (open pulley) or Galaxy (covered pulley). The exception is SL30, which also has a covered pulley.

3. Model number. Measure the width of the clutch at its widest point (”G” Dimension) and find the corresponding model number to establish a size. Note the model Number.

4. Tube diameter. The next step in identifying a specific clutch is to determine the outside diameter of the aluminum tube that the clutch must fit. This will guide you to the proper housing size. Note the diameter.

5. Now that you know the type, style, size, and tube diameter of your clutch, you can choose the color and match your information to a product code. 

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