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Automate RF200 Series Controllers | Product Changes


Roller Blind Motorisation

5 Nov 2015

Our Automate RF200 series have been upgraded. The Automate RF201s single channel and RF214s fourteen channel remotes are compatible with our Automate Wirefree battery motor.

The Automate RF201s and RF214s replace the previous RF201 and RF214 controllers.

The upgrades are as follows:

Catalogue Details

Description: RF201s 1 CH Remote RF214s 14 CH Remote
Code: RB24-9005-069001 RB24-9005-069014
Pack Size: Inner: 1 | Outer: 15 Inner: 1 | Outer: 15


No change No change
Colour: 069 Pure White  069 Pure White
Transition Date: 2 November 2015 2 November 2015
Please note: Highlighted cells signify new details. Please ensure to adjust your orders accordingly.


Production/Installation improvements

  • Improved programing sequence for easier limit setting.
  • Updated instructions with easy to follow mapping structure.
  • Larger battery for longer life span.
  • Full length backing panel for easy removal and battery replacement.

Functional changes

  • Improved touch sensitivity and durability of remote face, compared to conventional push button remotes.   
  • Larger screen.
  • Slimline magnetic holder for straight alignment and secure fit when remote is not in use.


  • Clean and minimal design using a capacitive touch face panel.
  • Smooth white surface finish.
  • Motorisation
  • Product Changes