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6 Jul 2016
transition over to the new Automate Li-ion wirefree motors

The new Automate Li-ion motors featuring ARC (Automate Radio Communications) technology, are our wirefree, built-in battery solution for internal shades.

The Automate Li-ion motors have variable speeds and differing torques to suit a large range of application needs.

Programming our Automate motors has never been simpler and the solar panel charger continues to store energy in indirect and low-light conditions.

The innovative leveling control feature allows for precise alignment of multiple shades. Additionally, a favourite position can be pre-set and recalled at any time.


Below you will find some of the major differences outlined to make the transition over to our new wirefree motors as seamless as possible.

  • To allow more flexibilty with our range of small and medium tubes and the Automate Li-ion motors, crowns, drives and adaptors are now sold as an accessory pack. Please ensure you order the correct accessory pack to suit the tube and motor that you are using (refer to Product Quick Reference Guide or catalogue).
  • When using the Automate Li-ion 3.0 motor, the tube deduction is 30mm (without end covers). The tube deduction for the Automate Li-ion 1.1 remains the same as the previous wirefree system - 26mm without covers.
  • The Automate Li-ion motors are the first to be implemented with our new protocol -  ARC (Automate Radio Communications). This means they will require a Paradigm remote control for programming and operation. The RF200 remotes cannot operate the new Li-ion motors.
  • The charger cable has been shortened to 1.8 metres (previously 3m). Additional extension cables are now available in lengths of 155mm, 1220mm and 2440mm to allow for more convenient access to a power point. The extension cables can also be left permanently attached to the motor.
  • It is recommended that the motor is charged for 6 hours after initial installation.
  • Please make sure you refer to the new programming instructions. There is one set of instructions for the motor and one for the Paradigm remotes.
    • The Automate Li-ion motor instructions are tailored for the installer to program all motor specific settings i.e. setting limits, speed control, defining a favourite position etc.
    • The Paradigm remote instructions are simplified and tailored to guide the end user on how to operate the blind and configure the remote. They do not cover details on setting or adjusting limits. 
  • The motors have three speed levels – the default RPM is the fastest. No matter which speed is selected, it will not impact on the battery life.
  • Solar panel charger performs well in indirect and low-light conditions. The cable length is 1.9 metres.
  • The new Paradigm 15 channel remote can be adjusted to only show active channels, therefore eliminating the need for a user to scroll through unused channels.
  • By default, Channel 0 is automatically assigned as the group control channel.


What is ARC?

ARC stands for Automate Radio Communication. It is our new protocol developed to improve the usability of programming and operating our motorised systems for both the installer and end user.

Conserves battery power
Automate motors with ARC use FSK modulation so they are less susceptible to RF interference from other common household devices and as a result battery power is conserved.

Bi-directional communication*
Motor status can be relayed back to report information such as, shade positioning and battery health.

Efficient remote free programming*
Use the smart phone app for remote-free motor set-up along with a step-by-step programming wizard.

* Requires the Automate Hub - launching October 2016.

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