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A successful shipment to Super Expo 2016

Rollease Acmeda stand at SuperExpo2016
21 Jun 2016

Rollease Acmeda recently exhibited at SuperExpo2016 – Australia’s largest trade show for the window furnishings and specialised textile industries. The event, held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, ran from Wednesday, 8 June to Friday, 10 June and was a huge success for the BMAA, STA and SuperExpo2016 organisers with a grand total of 4,800 visitors attending – a massive 60 percent increase from 2013.

The number of people through the door was also of great benefit to Rollease Acmeda since we were extremely excited to showcase and launch the latest innovations that our team has been diligently refining for the past 18 months in preparation for this event.

The Aero Roller Shade suite, Veue Drop Awnings and Automate motorisation range created a buzz around the building and our Sales team worked tirelessly to inform and demonstrate to our guests the fantastic features and benefits of these highly anticipated products.

The crowd outside the Interiors Container on the Rollease Acmeda stand at SuperExpo2016The Rollease Acmeda stand was a hive of activity with a crowd gathered inside and in front of the Interiors Container.

As a Gold Sponsor, our prime position meant that visitors could head straight to our Motorisation Container as soon as they entered the centre. Motorisation Product Managers, Anthony D’Agostino and Jere Gianola, were on hand to support our Sales team and make clear the functionality of the new Automate WiFi Hub and how this can be incorporated into the home to provide ‘smart shades’. They were able to exhibit how our latest wirefree, rechargeable Automate Li-ion motors are so straightforward and quick to program as a result of the new ARC (Automate Radio Communications) protocol. Attendees were also swayed by the single Automate Li-ion 3.0 motor incorporated into our medium Easy-Link system driving a 6-metre-wide roller shade.

Two men discussing the linked and motorised roller shades and the Automate Smart Shades display on the Rollease Acmeda stand at SuperExpo2016Left - Anthony D’Agostino, our Product Manager for Motorisation and Awnings, explaining that one Automate Li-ion 3.0 motor can control two shades linked with an Easy-Link bracket.
Right - An overview of the Automate WiFi Hub and how it can be utilised to control 'smart shades'.

Over in our Interiors Container, the standout performer was our revolutionary Aero Roller Shade suite. The opportunity to ‘touch-and-feel’ the product clearly demonstrated the ease to which these shades can be operated. Dean Jay, Senior Mechanical Design Engineer and a key driver in the design of this product, aptly instructs users to raise an Aero shade by “slightly lowering until you feel the tension and release”. It was not hard to see how the flawless performance and semi-automated operation of the Aero shades really impressed the visitors.

The Aero product was not alone in the Interiors Container with the complete CF Cassette/Fascia suite, z-LOCK side fastening system, a 4-metre-wide SS38 roman shade, the child-safe Chainwand and heavy-duty geared-clutch Galaxy system from the Rollease line also on display.

Close up on the Aero Dual Chain and two people discussing the Aero suite on Rollease Acmeda stand at SuperExpo2016Left - The Aero Dual Chain can operate two roller shades using a single chain.
Right - Business Account Manager for VIC & TAS, Leon Raudys, describing the benefits of the Aero suite. 

If you thought we could not fit any more product onto one stand, our Outdoor Shading Area was dedicated to unveiling our new Veue Drop Awnings and Zipscreen range along with the complete selection of our folding arm awnings. In yet another opportunity to see the products in action, visitors were captivated by the ‘one-action’ closure and locking of the motorised Zipscreen with the patented Ultra-Lock and equally impressed with the performance of Ultra-Lock on the crank-operated Veue Wire Guide. Additionally, the side-by-side display of Veue enabled us to highlight the versatility and compatibility of this comprehensive drop awning suite. The almost 5-metre-wide Klip XL awning provided an impressive canopy over the stand which demonstrated that it would be a great asset for any outdoor area along with the pitch control option for the Stein that will allow end-users to make their own adjustments to their awnings.

Veue Suite and group of men looking at awnings on the Rollease Acmeda stand at SuperExpo2016

Image of awnings and two men discussing Veue Suite on the Rollease Acmeda stand at SuperExpo2016

Top Left - The new Veue Drop Awnings range.
Top Right - Fabio Petringa, Regional Sales Manager - VIC, TAS, South NSW providing an overview on the complete suite of folding arm awnings.
Bottom Left - Nathan Raiti, Mechanical Designer describing the Veue Drop Awnings to a visitor. 
Bottom Right - Our folding arm awnings - Shan, Kumo, Piuma and Stein including the pitch control option, were all on display.

Under the KlipXL awning on the Rollease Acmeda stand at SuperExpo2016

Simon Quinten, Business Development Manager - NSW, speaking with customers under the canopy of the Klip XL folding arm awning.  

Although the Sales team were left with hoarse voices and aching feet by the end of the show, everyone from Rollease Acmeda was truly appreciative of the opportunity to not only share our new developments with the industry but to catch-up with all our valued customers. We certainly kept our personal barista busy, who served over 1,200 coffees over the three days and anyone with a sweet tooth dared not bypass the stand without sampling one of our Rollease Acmeda-themed macarons.

Super Expo 2016 proved to be a success all round and it surely seems to be the industry event not to be missed in 2019.

Man discussing Automate motors and accessories, branded coffee cups and themed macarons on the Rollease Acmeda stand at SuperExpo2016

Top left - Sales Representative for QLD & NSW, Sam Porch commanding a crowd in the Motorisation container.
Bottom Left - Only four of many Rollease Acmeda coffees brewed during the three-day event.
Right - The vanilla and salted caramel macarons were an appetising accompaniment to the coffee served on our stand. 

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