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Product Change | Idler/Spring Adaptor Kit MkII

15 Aug 2020




Idler/Spring Adaptor + Screws

Idler/Spring Adaptor Kit MkII




Pack Size:

5|400 Pcs

5|200 Pcs


Use With:

External Booster, Bearing Idler, Box 120 End plates, Open Brackets

External Booster, Bearing Idler, Box 120 End plates, Open Brackets

Transitioning:While supplies lastAugust 2020



Improvements / Changes

Removing the Retainer Clip

  • Un-screw the fastener before attempting to remove the retainer Clip
  • Use a screwdriver to lever the Retainer Clip out of the Adaptor body

Functional Improvements / Changes 

  • Entry snap’s provide positive feedback when a Spring head or Idler Pin is inserted correctly
  • The Retainer Clip screw is fastened to provide absolute retention, ensuring the clip cannot be accidentally removed under any circumstances

 Production / Installation Improvements

  • Universal (LH/RH) adapter for Idler and Spring installations
  • Cavity for press fit Nyloc Nuts, additional socket drive not required during assembly
  • Heavy duty press-fit retainer clip positively secures Idler Pin/Spring Head
  • Combo Head fastener (Phillips #2, Slot, 8mm socket) pre-assembled in the retainer clip for quick assembly during installation

    NOTE: The Idler/Spring Adaptor Kit MkII is not compatible with the wire guide top terminal when used in Open Brackets

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