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Spring Assist Boosters


An extra lift when you need it most.

23 Aug 2018
Our range of spring assist boosters are designed to easily retro-fit onto our popular medium & large chain control solutions, offering a reduced user effort when operating the shade. The raising and lowering of larger and multiple shades is dramatically improved by providing assistance on the rise, and balance in the descent. Spring assist boosters allows a single shade to be up to twice the area in size and retain a smooth and effortless operation.


Achieve Larger Blinds

Our range of standard and heavy-duty springs are specifically designed to provide a balanced lifting assistance for different shade sizes. See our popular RB09 QRG here.

Lighter to lift

By adding a spring booster to your roller shade, the weight of the shade is transferred through the springs, ultimately offering a very light operation to lift a large shade.

No decrease in operation speed

When using a geared winder, it takes twice as long to lift a shade; whereby a spring assist booster maintains the lifting speed of our premium chain control solutions.

Shorter Chains = Better Child Safe Solution

Maintaining the chain length of the premium chain control solution offers the advantage of no extra fixing device to the wall in some applications whilst meeting child safety legislation. 

Provision to add Stop Balls

The feature of the Stop Ball to prevent over rolls is maintained, unlike a geared winder solution.

Easy Retrofit Installation

Our spring boosters can be easily added to any of our chain control solutions on site, providing you the option to upgrade and reduce the user effort to lift the shade. The boosters are securely fixed to the chain winders giving you ultimate peace of mind.

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