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Product Change Leaflet | Booster + Control + Decelerator

10 May 2022




Booster + Decel | LH | COMPACT S45 Booster + Control + Decelerator | LH | COMPACT S45


RB12-4504-050045 RB12-4505-069045 

Pack Size:

5 | 80 PIECES

5 | 80 PIECES


Refer to relevant leaflet

Refer to relevant leaflet



Pure White


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Use With:

Chain-free Control, S45 Tube, Short Limiter S45, Limiter LX BracketF56 & F72 Weight Bars S45 Tube, Short Limiter S45, Limiter LX Bracket

Features & Benefits:

  • Compact booster now available with integrated Control Head as well as a decelerator for faster manufacturing time and reduced inventory.
  • Can achieve a minimum width of 460mm instead of 500mm
  • Available in left hand control only
  • Built-in decelerator featuring Auto-rise technology for a smooth controlled assent
  • Designed with infinite stop positions.
    o An improvement that provides a consistent distance to unlock
    o User can raise/lower a narrow blind by moving the bottom rail by more than half a rotation
    to change the position of the blind.

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