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It’s easy to overlook potential hazards for children, especially when their natural curiosity can lead them to explore every crevice and corner of a home. At Rollease Acmeda, child safety is important to us, so we offer a variety of solutions to ensure every home and family is safe from hazardous, loose hanging cords or chains. 
The current requirements set by the ACCC dictate that the cord of an internal window covering must never form a loop of 220mm or more, never dangle less than 1.6 metres above floor level and must always be secured by a tensioner or holster. 
Our range of products offer an innovative suite of child safe solutions that easily comply with these regulations without compromising functionality or design of window furnishings. 

Manually Operated Roller Shades

Our iconic manually operated roller shades and range of secure & modern tensioners are curated to suit any interior, this range of chain-holsters and tensioners offer a cost-effective solution to accommodate the safety needs of any manual shade.  

  • Range of chain control systems offering on site idler adjustment
  • Entry level safe solution
  • Range of tensioner devises:
    - Chain Hook (low cost, simple solution) 
    - Face & Recess fix chain tensioners (improved performance & aesthetics) 
    - Universal Hook (cost effective, univeral fitment, slim design)
    - Safety Hold (spring loaded to maintain tension over time, universal fitment)
  • RB07/8 Medium Chain Control
  • RB09 Medium Chain Control 
SS91-1312-001040  Clear 
RB91-1321-xxx000  White, Black, Sandstone, Grey 
RB91-1322-xxx000  White, Black, Sandstone, Grey 
RB91-1325-xxx000  White, Black, Clear
RB91-1331-069000 White 

Chain-Free. Semi-Automatic.

Our innovative, semi-automatic suite eliminates chains and cords, replacing them with our unique spring booster system. Utilising auto-rise technology, these contemporary roller shades raise gently at the pull of the weight bar or wand and come to a smooth halt thanks to the one-touch top and bottom limiters.  

  • Innovative child-safe solution  
  • No need to add tensioner to the wall, no holes in wall. 
  • Shade rises automatically with one light pull of the shade, eliminating excess manual control. 
  • Hassel free installation, no need to worry about installing a tensioner and meeting legal legislation. 
  • Smooth rising assent resulting in a controlled opening of the shade. 
  • Adjustable speed limit, which can be customised to suit your application.
  • Choose either a top or bottom limit setting to stop your shade at the ideal opening or closing position.

  • Easy Spring Ultra
    - No hanging chain or cord control device, controlled via the weight bar.
    - Perfect for shade within easy reach 
  • Easy Spring Wand
    - Accessible wand control unit, perfect for shades high or hard to access.
    - Dual operational control- control via the wand or weight bar
    - Slimline wand control unit 
    - Adjust tension on site post installation, no need to remove the shade
  • Aero Dual- Chain/Chainfree
    - Top & Bottom Limit setting options 
    - Only requires one chain and tensioner to operate both shades
    - Slim Cassette housing two shades to offer day and night solution 
    - Easy post installation adjustment (for face fix shades only) 
    - German design award winner

Fully Automated Roller Shades 

The Automate suite of motors and controllers ensure homes are smarter and safer. Whether it be through the touch of a button, simple voice commands, or scheduled scenes and timers, our suite of motors replace the chain with the highest level of convenience and safety.

- Premier child safe solution 
- Control with a remote, smart phone or voice control devices
- No Hanging chain or cord 
- Advanced technology offering smart phone and voice control functionality 


We offer a full suite of comprehensive manuals to assist with step by step assembly and installation, along with full product specifications to help spec the right combination of products for any application. Our document library can be found at and outlines all necessary documents and manuals - Please ensure you are logged in for full access rights. 

Get in touch with our sales team to order our mini samples or showroom samples. We offer smaller sized, 500mm hardware pieces alone, or customised showroom sample hardware, perfect for Rollease Acmeda exhibiting. 

Our YouTube channel is populated with dozens of videos that provide great on-the-go insight. From adjusting and setting limits, to basic shade control instructions, our system playlists are great for quickly troubleshooting issues on site. 

Hang Tag & Safety Devices

We offer a safety tag for shade manufacturers to purchase, which legally must be attached to every shade once installed. These tags play a vital role in communicating the potentially hazardous nature of a loose hanging cord in a home and encourages homeowners to ensure all chains and cords are secured to the wall. The installer must ensure this tag is present with every cord or chain-controlled installation. 

We also offer a warning label which manufactures can place on the finished shades once packaged prior to sending out for installation. This puts extra emphasis on the installer to ensure that once this shade product is installed, a safety device must also be fit to secure the hanging cord or chain.  

Hang Tag & fastening Tie Part number: HD91-0105-000002
Packaging Sticker label Part number: HD91-0116-000001

Child Safety Tensioning Guidelines

[as per Trade Practises Regulations] 

To avoid creating a possible strangulation hazard for children, internal window coverings must be installed so that a loose cord cannot form a loop 220mm or longer at a height of less than 1600mm above the floor.
When installing a cord guide or cleat ensure it is installed at the correct height- Directions below must be followed:

I) A cord can be installed lower than 1600mm above floor level if the cord is sufficiently secured or tensioned to prevent a loop of 220mm or more from being formed. 

II) Any cord guide installed lower than 1600mm above the floor level must prevent a child from being able to remove the cord and 

III) If a cleat is used to secure the cord it must be at least 1600mm above floor level because a child is capable of unwinding a cord from a cleat. 

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