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RB07/8 Medium Chain Control | S40 / S45

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The progression to the RB08 MKII Chain Control System is due to the implementation of several advancements made in Rollease Acmeda’s development program, improving the overall performance, function and appearance of the previous design/model. An optional Easy-Lock Fixed Guide chain winder offers a rotating guide which can be locked into desired position, whilst providing chain security.


  • Smooth / clean aesthetical appearance.
  • New ergonomic bracket design with square edge profile.


  • Easy-Lock effortless installation.
  • 7mm adjustable Idler Extension.
  • Improved installation with self locating grooves.
  • Improved fin design for a more secure tube fitment.


  • Improved chain retention system, securing chain within mechanism during operation.
  • Minimal 15mm light gaps on either side.
  • Fixed Guides boast
    • strengthened guard to resist stop-ball breakage.
    • Available in 70 and 90 projections.
    • Can be configured in a fixed our swivel configure/function.
    • Improved contouring to reduce chain drag and noise.