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Child Safety

Rollease Acmeda Child Safety
5 Apr 2017
We take Child Safety seriously and our Innovation and Design Center create a range of revolutionary Child Safety Solutions, securing loose hanging shade chains and creating chain-free products. You can be the source for superior child-safe products that are built to last.


Aero Wand 

The Aero Wand is a slimline effortless wand control system featuring weight bar override operation and easy to set top limit for shades. Coming soon.




Fashion Wand Connect

Quickly upgrade existing unsafe shades. Easily retrofit to existing Rollease Acmeda clutch. Patented quick release handle triggers the clutch to position the shade .....more. 



Easy Spring Series

The new chain-free systems feature engineered design to ensure smooth ascending spring operation. They provide an improved top limit setting and have been tested up to 7,000 cycles to maintain spring tension. See Easy Spring Plus here.




A tension mechanism for clutch operated systems that keeps chain taut over time. Chainhold has a fail-safe installation; if not correctly secured, Chainhold will partially prevent the shade from functioning.....more