Smart Home

Smart Home automation is making its way into the spotlight as a convenient, comfortable, lifestyle solution that allows you to control a variety of different products in your home. Easily connect your Automate™ Shades using our Automate™ Pulse Hub to the popular systems below and take shade control to the next level.


    Automate Pulse

    Whether you are at home or away, Automate Pulse allows you to accurately control your shades via the animated interface on your smartphone.



    Integrating Google Home with your Automate™ shades gives you a more convenient and easier control via a simple voice command. Use your Google phone for shade control on the go.



    IFTTT (If This Then That) is the easy, free way to get your apps and devices working together. This online tool connects services to create new experiences, such as weather apps offering the ability to detect sunrise and opening shades – offering a seamless experience.



    Control4 develops smart home automation systems to control a variety of products in your home from lighting, entertainment, security, climate, and others all via one convenient device. Automate shades can be adapted into this home or business solution controlling everything automatically.



    Serial Communications

    The serial library includes commands for comprehensive control of Automate devices.