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Roman Blind Creasing

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The 3600 series creasing table has been engineered to allow the manufacturer to mark & create roman blind pockets and side hems using a semi-automate d technique.


  • Automated material positioning via backstop.
  • 6 Pre-programmed roman batten /pocket styles available.
  • Top & bottom pocket size setting allowances.
  • Integrates onto opposite end of 4200 | series Cutting Table (optional, as shown).
  • Easy to use Touch Screen Control Panel.
  • Material / fabric end detection.
  • Automatic versions available.
  • Safety features include low voltage wiring & switches.
  • Precision Aluminium Frame Construction.


  • Up to 3.6mt stroke capacity. (can crease multiple blinds at once)
  • Side hem positioning & creasing from 15mm.
  • Accurate creasing performance within 0.5mm on horizontal crease and 0.2mm between creases.
  • Fully creases a Roman Blind in under 3 minutes.*

* Based on 1.5mt wide x 2.4mt drop.

  • Dimensions

    Width: 4.2mt

    Table length available in the following sizes

    3.6mt, 4.8mt & 6.0mt lengths

    Power Requirements

    240V - 50Hz

    Minimum Air Pressure requirements

    15cfm compressor