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Precision Test Hoist

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The 8105 series Precision Test Hoist enables manufacturers to test blinds accurately & reliably, improving productivity. The hoist is completely maintenance free, and available in three options from manual to fully automated versions. All models feature safety manual override functionality.


  • Robust High Tensile Aluminium Frame.
  • Chain driven with braking motor.
  • Foot pedal control.
  • Optional Double Sided Hoist setup available.
  • Height setting measuring system.
  • Ergonomic retractable work bench.
  • Work bench with shelf.
  • Durable nickel plated part.
  • Full 12 month warranty.
  • Emergency Safety Protection Function.
  • Dimensions

    Height: 5.0mt
    Width: 4.0mt
    Depth: 1.0mt

    Blind Width Capacity

    Roller Blinds: 3.7mt
    Venetian Blinds: 5.0mt

    Overall Drop Capacity

    3.8mt to work table
    4.8mt to floor

    Blind Weight Capacity

    Manual: 30kgs
    EMS model: 60kgs

    Operating Speed

    Manual: 5.4 sec. per meter
    EMS model: 3.0 sec. per meter

    Power Requirements

    240V - 50Hz

    Operating Speed Control

    Fully Adjustable