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Fabric Inspection Table

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The 3000 series fabric inspection table was designed to allow the manufacturer to quality inspect rolls of fabric prior to production use. The inspection table can also be used as a cut and measuring device with the addition of available options.


  • Direct driven Front & Rear Rollers.
  • Tension control brake system.
  • Complete Aluminium Frame Construction.
  • Strong durable Light Table.
  • Centrally located control panel.
  • Variable speed options.
  • Controlled fabric stopping device.
  • Single Frame Structure allowing for easy relocation.
  • Integrated safety guards & emergency button. 
  • Dimensions

    Height: 3.6mts
    Width: 1.6mts
    Depth: 1.2mts

    Approx Roll Up Speed

    At 10% Speed: 7mts per minute

    At 50% Speed: 28mts per minute

    At 100% Speed: 55mts per minute 

    Power Requirements

    240V - 50Hz