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Zipscreen/ Veue Updates

30 Aug 2017

New Bearing Idler



The Bearing Idler is the latest innovation to the Zipscreen/Veue systems. Rollease Acmeda have stepped it up by creating a sealed, dual-bearing idler from marine grade steel, the benefit of which provides a stronger, maintenance free idler that has a smooth operation; minimising user effort. The spring-loaded retractable shaft is easier to install when used with the new Idler Booster Adaptor. 

 New Idler Booster Adaptor


Paired with the new Bearing Idler, the Idler/Booster Adaptor allows correct alignment of the pin which is then guided by the funnel entrance of the adaptor. The idler is locked into the adaptor by a barbed pinch clip, securing the blind. The same part is used in conjunction with Rollease Acmeda Spring Boosters. This allows for easier installation, reducing the number of components and accommodating for a one-person install on medium sized blinds.

 78mm Tube Adaptor


The new 78mm Tube Adaptor allows use of 78mm tube in spring boosted blinds and is designed to universally fit all Rollease Acmeda 63mm components. This change conveniently reduces SKUs and stock holding. When using the new tube adaptor, no changes need to be made to your cutting deductions. This 78mm Tube Adaptor replaces all current 78mm components.

 Automate / Somfy M50 / 63mm Crown Wheel


The new 63mm Crown Wheel is designed with a deeper insert to have a more positive connection into the tube. It is also designed to work with our new 78mm Tube Adaptor. This Crown Wheel replaces our existing Automate™ and Somfy Crowns. 

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