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31 Aug 2016
All you need to know about the all new and improved Zipscreen outdoor shade. 



Below are the latest Zipscreen improvements.

  1. An all-inclusive end plate set means that cover caps are no longer required. The universal end plate set comes with a pre-notched section that can be 'snapped-off' to accommodate all control options.

  2. End plates overlap the edges of the front and back covers to hide cutting imperfections.

  3. Hinges are now located on the end plates for easy headbox installation.

  4. Ultra-Lock, when used with Automate FT motor offers automatic locking and fabric tensioning.

  5. The stronger F56 weight bar offers more rigidity over wider spans.

  6. A semi-fascia is now available, in addition to a fully-enclosed box or open bracket solution offering multiple configurations.
  • The new Ultra-Lock weight bar seal achieves greater coverage on uneven floors.
  • One reducer, and a combined booster and pre tension idler means less inventory.
  • Zipscreen components are interchangeable with the Veue Drop Awnings suite.






Visit the Zipscreen Product page for further information.

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